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BPO Services

Our Business Process Outsourcing services portfolio consists of:

Voice & Data

  • Tele-calling B2B, B2C for
    • Data Hygiene
    • Lead Generation
    • Surveys and market research
    • Brand promotion & concept selling
  • Internet Research & Data Capture
    • Email Blasting
    • Online research and analyses
  • Customer Helpdesk
  • Transcription Services – Medical and general
  • Document scanning, indexing, data entry
  • E-Discovery

Key Benefits to client

In the context of outsourcing, change management is a program that recognizes the complexity of integrating two cultures and organizations. It is an intentional, proactive process that builds awareness, increases knowledge, drives people to accept and embrace the change and ultimately shows them how they have ownership in the success of the business and their careers. It anticipates the predictable dip in productivity that occurs when disruption occurs.

The success of the initiative requires enthusiastic support and active involvement by the senior leadership

From our ITO/BPO services we would like our clients to realize several key strategic goals through the ITO/BPO effort:

  • Reduce the overall cost of running Procurement, F&A and Processing divisions
  • Move to a more economical costing model
  • Maintain and/or improve current levels of performance
  • Utilize a solution that can be leveraged to support other areas of operations in the future

Other benefits include:

  • Enables Client to focus on core business activities
  • Improved quality of operations
  • Streamlining the business process portfolio
  • Leverage best-in-class competencies and capabilities
  • Solicit and Implement best practices
BPO Services
BPO Methodology
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